About pages are usually so boring. We did this, we did that, we are here and please contact us via this email address.

I’m going to try to add some spice to mine with by adding some real info about me, my time spent as a professional gambler and the purpose of my website. Firstly though I feel it’s important to establish who I am so that you guys know the face behind all the advice and guidance written on onlinebettingsites.co.uk.

Why I’m qualified To Write About Online Gambling

My uncle was always and still is a keen gambler. Horses are his game and he’s one of the only men on the planet I know of that has actually developed a winning horse race betting system. He does have a phD in Maths though which kind of levels the playing field with the bookies. Anyway talking to him about gambling was what got me interested in sports betting which I started doing online when I was just 16.

Yeah, I know, you’re not supposed to be able to gamble online until you’re 18. Well back when I was 16 no one was checking how old anyone was and the internet was less well regulated than it is now. I’d bet £2 here £2 there, mostly on Premier League football, and my account balance would rely on the odd tip from my uncle to stay in the plus.

From betting sports I got interested in poker and starting playing online at Victor Chandler and 888. I joined various poker forums, realised you could actually beat the game and decided I was going to get good enough to be a winning player. A learning curve began and by the time I was starting university I’d never had a job and was living comfortably from my poker winnings.

Throughout this period of time I’d still been betting online, learning about online betting and make small profits in the process from whoring casino bonuses, trading on betfair and match betting (the process of using free bets to guarantee a profit).

I did about a year of university before I decided to quit and become a professional online gambler. A popular choice with my family as you can imagine. Things were tough to begin with but within a year I’d got to the point of making around £3,000 per month. A good living by anyone’s standards. This went on for some time until I built my first website.

I’d found a new passion and I now spend my days building up the websites which I own and run with the odd sports betting venture or poker tournament mixed in.


Up until onlinebettingsites.co.uk I’d always offered strategy advice via my websites. I decided that no one else knew about betting sites as well as I did and hence onlinebettingsites.co.uk was born.

It’s my aim to turn this into a great guide for online gamblers. I want to show people where the best places to bet sports online are, what the best online casino sites have to offer, where to play their favourite slot games and add as much info as I can about becoming a winning online gambler.

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Contact Me

You can contact me at dlenton08 at gmail dot com if you want to speak with me about any matter concerning the website. Be warned however I do not take kindly to spam.