Betting Tools

Here’s a list of all the betting tools we’ve put together so far:

1) Betting Calculator

This is a straight up betting calculator tool which allows you to work out 12 different types of bets including singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, Yankees and Lucky 15 bets. You can also work out your return on each way bets and the calculator can be switched between decimal and fractional odds to suit your preference.

2) Hedging Calculator

The hedging calculator, or lay calculator as it’s sometimes called, allows you to work out how much you need to lay after backing a result to guarantee a profit no matter what the eventual outcome of the game/match.

3) Dutching Calculator

The dutching calculator allows you to enter up to 12 selections and can be used to work out how much to bet on each to ensure the same profit if any of your selections win.

4) Value Calculator

The value calculator is a great way to determine whether your bet has a positive of negative expectation. It allows you to plug in the odds of the event, then your estimated percentage chance of the bet winning and the calculator spits out your expected return over 100 bets.

5) Matched Betting Calculator

The matched betting calculator allows you to work out how to guarantee a profit from any free bet a bookmaker gives you. It is sometimes known as a free bet calculator and all you have to do is enter your stake, back odds, lay odds, commission amount and stake forfeit if any to get your required lay amount.