Dutching Caluclator

Dutching calculator which allows you to calculate how much to bet on multiple selection to ensure the same profit on all outcomes.

Decimal Price Stake Decimal Price Stake
Selection 1 (required) £ Selection 7 £
Selection 2 £ Selection 8 £
Selection 3 £ Selection 9 £
Selection 4 £ Selection 10 £
Selection 5 £ Selection 11 £
Selection 6 £ Selection 12 £
Total Staked Return if any selection wins Profit
£ £ £

How To Use The Dutching Caluclator

Completing the form is very easy, simply load up the latest odds for the sporting event you wish and identify all of the selections (up to a maximum of 12) that you believe stand the best chance of winning the event.

Starting at the selection 1 option, you simply then enter the odds of each selection you wish to include in your bet as a decimal in the Decimal Price column. You complete this for each selection you wish to back and once you have completed this, you click on the green Recalculate button.
The calculation then works out exactly how much you need to place on each of your selections to guarantee a profit out of a total theoretical balance of £100 to wager on the race.

Example Dutching Calculation

For example, if there is a race running with 18 runners and you feel only four have a realistic chance of winning, then you would enter the information as follows:

(Fractional odds shown simply for illustrative purposes – you do not need to enter this detail on the calculation)

Selection 1: 5.0 (4/1)
Selection 2: 8.0 (7/1)
Selection 3: 11.0 (10/1)
Selection 4: 17.0 (16/1)

When you have entered this you can then click on the green Recalculate button and you’ll discover that in order to make a profit guaranteed if one of the four wins, you need to stake (out of your £100 race budget).

In the example above, this works out at:

£42.13 on Selection 1, (at 5.0)
£26.33 on Selection 2, (at 8.0)
£19.15 on Selection 3 (at 11.0) and
£12.39 on Selection 4. (at 17.0)

Doing this will give you a guaranteed return of £210 if any of your four selection wins and a total profit on the race of £110.

About Dutching

If you are a serious punter and want to maximise your chances of making a profit when you bet on an event that has a large number of possible winners, then common sense states that backing more than one of the options will radically increase your chances of success.

Yet to do this profitably requires some pretty complex calculations based on the number of selections you make and the different odds of each selection and this is where this extremely useful ‘dutching calculator’ can help you find the right bet for each selection to ensure a profit if any of your selections wins.

It is important to note here though that unlike the hedging calculator, a dutching calculator does not offer the user a guaranteed win. If another selection outside of those you back wins the event, then you do open yourself up to losing the full amount that you staked and this should always be borne in mind when using the calculator.

However, in events where there are larger fields but there are a clear number of selections that have a much greater chance of success, using this calculator can mean you can back all of these selections and should any one come in, then you’ll guarantee yourself a profit.