Hedging Calculator (Lay Calculator)

If you are a serious punter who looks to use the fluctuations in the betting market to ensure yourself a profit, regardless of the outcome of the event that is being bet on, then this hedging calculator should be a useful tool.

Bet Details - use decimal odds
Back Price Back Stake Lay Price
Back Lay
You should lay To guarantee
£ £
Total Staked Guaranteed Return
£ £
Back Profit Lay Liability
£ £
Lay Profit Back Liability
£ £

How To Use The Hedging Calculator

The hedge bet calculator (or back and lay calculator as some would call it) provides an ideal way to discover exactly how much to bet in exact circumstance to ensure that no matter what the outcome, you turn a profit.

This calculator is used by punters who like to back events at the starting price but who may find that the odds on their selection are shortening in price. By using this calculator, and by laying AGAINST your selection on a betting exchange, you can guarantee yourself a profit. It obviously works the same if you took a position in-play and not want to exit the market.

Entering Your Bet Details

The first section is the ‘Bet Details’ section and into this you should enter the details of the first bet you made. It is important to note that you should enter bets in this section in decimal format only. In the first box ‘Back Price’ you enter the price at which you backed your selection and in the second box, you enter how much you placed on that bet.

The third box is crucial as it indicates what the current price for the selection is. This is known on the back/lay calculator as the ‘Lay Price’.

Commission Details

The next section, commission, is crucial to using the hedging calculator correctly. Entering this information wrong will skew the outcome and therefore your profit figures won’t be aligned on all results.

The section indicates how much percentage of your bet your bookmaker or betting exchange will take as commission from your bet. While backing a horse usually incurs a 0% commission, laying a bet usually incurs 5% commission (though if your choice of exchange is different, you can select any percentage between 0% and 5% in increments of 0.1%.


Once you have entered all the above information into the back and lay calculator, click on the black ‘Recalculate’ button at the foot of the page. This will then work out the precise bet you need to make when Laying a bet on the exchange against your horse winning in order to make a profit.


The first box indicates how much you need to lay in order to make the stated profit in the box next to it. The third box lists how much money you have staked in total on the event and lastly, the guaranteed return will tell you how much you will receive back from laying the bet.

The bottom two sections detail exactly how you will make your money. The Wins section details how much profit you stand to win, if your horse wins, against your Lay liability (ie, the bet you made against the horse winning). The Back Profit should ALWAYS be higher than the lay liability.

The Losses box indicates how much you’ll receive back of your selection loses in the Lay Profit box, together with how much you will lose from your unsuccessful backing of the horse to win. Again the Lay Profit should always be higher than the Back Liability sum.

If your bet meets this criteria, then no matter what the outcome of the race, you are guaranteed to make a profit on it.