Simple Betting Calculator

The simple betting calculator shown on this page is a quick and simple way to discover what the cost (outlay), returns and total profit is of any of the most popular forms of single, multiple, and acca bets.

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*If you want to use it as an each way betting calculator make sure you check the e/w box.

How To Use The Betting Calculator

Using the each way and accumulator betting calculator is very simple, hence I called it the simple betting calculator:

Enter Stake & Bet Type

At the top of the calculator is a box where you can enter what your chosen stake is going to be. You can enter this as a decimal, so for example if you are going to bet £1.75 on a selection, then you would enter 1.75, however if you were only going to bet £1, then you could just enter 1.

Next to the Stake field, a tick box indicates whether the bet is an Each Way option. If you are going to have your bet as an each way bet, then click on the box to select this.

The next box is simply a drop-down menu of all the most popular forms of bets made in the UK today, including single bets, doubles, trebles and acca’s (up to a maximum of ten selections) as well as a number of multiple bets, such as Trixies, Patents, Yankees and more.

All you need to do here is highlight exactly which type of bet you are making by selecting it from the drop down list.

Odds & Bet Details

Once you have entered this initial information, you can then enter the details about your bet. You can choose to enter the odds of your selections by clicking either Fraction or Decimal column based on your own preference. In addition, if some bookmakers are offering better (or worse) odds than the standard 1/4 odds on each way bets, then you can edit that under the each way section too.

The final column 1st indicates what you can expect to receive if your selection “wins” or comes in at the stated odds, so be sure to tick this if you want to discover how much your bet will return if it wins. Untick the box if you want to discover how much your bet will return if it only comes in as an each way bet at 1/4 of the odds (or the each way odds you have entered as required).

Once you have entered the details of all your selections, you can then click on the blue ‘Calculate’ button and in the three boxes below this the details of your bet will be displayed.


The Outlay button will tell you exactly how much your bet will cost you, especially useful if you are placing multiple bets of the same stake on a trixie, patent or similar. The Returns box highlights how much you will receive back from the bookmaker if your selection of bets comes in as selected and lastly the Profit box identifies how much of your return is profit (or loss if the figure is a minus figure).

Example Betting Calculation

This examples shows how the simple betting calculator can be used to work out a Patent bet:

1. Enter the stake of £1, select the Each Way button and from the drop-down list select “Patent”

2. Enter the odds of your four selections in either fraction or decimal format, remembering to select the button next to each name to highlight which format you are using.

3. Check the Each Way odds offered are the same as the bookmaker you are betting with. Click on the 1st Box to denote whether you want the calculation based on that selection as a winner, or leave it unchecked to calculate your returns based on an each way place alone.

4. Click the Calculate button. The total cost of the bet (£14) will appear in the Outlay box at the bottom, as will the returns and profits based on the options you highlighted. You can then select or deselect options (for example, unselect the 1st box so that you see the calculations if any of your selections do not win and only achieve an each way place) and hit calculate again to see different calculations for different combinations of bet outcomes.