Online Cricket Betting Sites

Online Cricket Betting SitesOn this page I’ll give you my peronsal opinion on the best online cricket betting sites. There’s obviously loads of different betting sites to choose from and with cricket betting more than any other sport it’s important to be betting with the correct bookmaker.

Joining one of the better online cricket bookmakers can be the difference between being an overall winner or an overall loser. I’ll show you what I mean below in my ‘what to look for in online cricket betting sites’ section.

What To Look For In Cricket Betting Sites

If you’re going to make money betting on cricket online then there’s a few key features you need the site to have.

The first is a live cricket betting section. Between two sides of equal or close to equal skill in cricket there’s always big in game swings as to who the favorite and outsider is. You can take advantage of this by getting inflated odds if you bet at the correct point during the game. Anyone betting on Cricket needs to join a cricket betting site that include a live betting section.

Secondly when it comes to cricket you need to join a bookmaker that offers markets on more than just the outcome of the match. There’s often good value in top batsman, top bowler and man of the match markets. These markets are more important than the win lose draw markets when it comes to finding value.

#1 Recommended – Bet365

Bet on cricket at Bet365Few cricket betting sites offer the in-depth analysis, real-time updating and wealth of betting options that Bet365 do and that’s the reason their my go to bookmaker for cricket. They have global coverage of domestic and international cricket and all markets are turned in-play.

The reasons I recommend Bet365 for all your cricket bet needs include:

- Innovative betting markets available. Often there isn’t great value in some of the most common betting markets in cricket (such as the outright winner) and the sheer number of markets on offer at Bet365 makes them well worth considering. They list many more series and player specials than the majority of cricket betting websites.

- Bet365’s in play betting console is certainly one of the best available in the industry. With stats updated quickly and a wealth of data shown, it is an ideal companion to anybody who likes to bet in play, or who likes to analyse statistics before they bet.

- There’s also live cricket streaming of ODI matches and the odds domestic game available via their live streaming service which is free to all account holders.

Click to join Bet365 and get up to £200 in free bets!

Markets At Cricket Betting Sites

As mentioned above the best way to get value from any internet cricket betting site is to delve deeper into the less popular markets on offer. Some examples of which are below:

  • Highest 1st Inniings Opening Partnership
  • Top Team Batsman
  • Top Team Bowler
  • Batsman vs Batsman
  • Bowler vs Bowler
  • To Score 50
  • To Score 100
  • To Take 5 Wickets
  • Man Of The Match

There’s one and only one market to be avoided at all times when it comes to cricket betting and that’s ‘To Win The Toss’. Obviously a coin toss is 50% heads, 50% tails so it’s an even money betting opportunity. You’ll find that the best odds online bookmakers will give you on the coin toss, for either heads or tails, is 10/11 (1.90). It’s a negative expectation bet and one to be avoided at all costs (unless you’re just doing it for fun).

In Play Cricket Betting

Any article about the best online cricket betting sites wouldn’t be complete without a section about in play cricket betting.

Basically if you want to make money betting on cricket then I’m convinced that the best way to do it is by betting live on the match. Cricket is a sport a little unlike any others in that it swings from one team to another in terms of the favourite throughout the game.

When betting live on cricket it’s all about getting your bets on at the right moment. Online cricket betting sites constantly update their odds during the match and a couple of early wickets or boundaries in a Twenty20 game can really change things quickly.

Without saying too much I’d advise anyone looking to bet on cricket to monitor the odds during a couple of matches. It should become pretty clear to you where the value lies at internet cricket betting sites once you have done a little research.

Author: David – Professional online gambler and ex second team cricketer. Cricket has always been one of my most profitable sports to bet on. Read more about me and at the about page.