Where To Place Football Accumulators

In this article, I’ll look at where to place football accumulators to get the best possible payout on your stake.

Football accumulator bets (also known as ‘acca’ bets) are seriously popular and offer the chance of a sweet payout for a very small stake amount. On the flip side of the coin though they are very hard to hit and you need a 100% success rate to get paid out.

Given the fact that a win will be big but rare you need to ensure the maximum possible payout when you do get all your selections correct. Here’s how to do it…

Best Bookmaker For Acca’s

Bet365 LogoIn my opinion (and in this case it may as well be fact!), Bet365 are by far and away the best bookmaker for football accumulators, whether it is just a three team treble, right up to a huge 14-fold bet or more.

The reason why Bet365 is the best place to bet football accumulators is down to their awesome Euro Soccer Bonus offer.

Bet365’s Football Accumulator Bonus

Normally when you make an acca bet with a bookmaker, you make your chosen number of selections for the games you want on the week, decide upon your stake and place the bet. If you are lucky and all your selections come in, then you are paid at the combined odds. This is an excellent form of low risk, low probability but high reward gambling.

Yet what makes the Bet365 Euro Soccer Bonus so special is that in addition to receiving your full winnings when you land a football acca, you will also receive an EXTRA bonus on top of your winnings, completely free of charge and at no extra risk to your bet.

Bonuses are calculated as a percentage of your winnings and then this money is added to your total winnings automatically.

Bet365 offer percentage bonus payments depending on how many selections you make on your acca bet and these are outlined below:

Bet365 Accumulator Bonuses

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Euro Soccer Bonus Terms & Conditions

For your Acca bet to qualify for this Bet365 Euro Soccer Bonus, you need to pick from matches that are played in the following leagues or competitions:

- English Premier League
- Italian Serie A
- Spanish Primera Liga
- German Bundesliga 1 or
- The Champions League

You can select matches from any of these competitions to form your acca bet; you do not have to select matches solely from one league but can include games from all five competitions on a single coupon if you prefer.

So, for example, you could include Manchester United v Arsenal in the Premier League played at the weekend and Real Madrid v Barcelona in the Primera Liga, along with Bayern Munich v Galatasaray from the Champions League – all on one qualifying treble bet.

So how does this offer actually pan out in real terms if you land a decent sized acca bet with Bet365? Then let’s look at the example below:

Euro Soccer Bonus Acca Example

I’m pretty sure you know by now where to place football accumulators to get the best value but if you’re still not convinced take a look at the example below:

In this example, let’s say Punter A makes a selection of 10 matches from all five competitions for his acca bet. When he’s made his ten selections, he checks his coupon and selects the 10-fold accumulator option and places £10 on the bet at odds of 1500/1.

Now let’s say that our lucky punter manages to land all ten results. From his original bet he would win £10 x 1500 (plus his £10 stake returned), which would be a total winning result of £15,010. A fantastic sum of money.

But with the Bet365 Euro Soccer Bonus, because his bet qualifies for the promotion, he would not only receive £15,000 in winnings, but also 60% of this amount as a bonus (as a 10-fold bet gives you a 60% winning bonus).

Therefore, he would also receive 60% of £15,000 as a bonus, which is a staggering £9,000!

So, all in all, Punter A would find his £10 tenfold acca bet with Bet365 would net him a total payout of £24,010!

There is no offer even close to offering this level of potential bonus win from any other football accumulator bookmaker offer and as a result, this is why I always recommend Bet365 for punters who enjoy footie acca bets, especially of five selections or more.

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Other Bookies For Football Accumulators

The only other option that is worth considering if you regularly make acca bets of up to six selections is Ladbrokes.

With Ladbrokes you receive a bonus when you make your selections on your bet from the English and Scottish League and cup competitions.

Their bonus offer is as follows:

Ladbrokes Acca Bonus

The first thing to note here is that the only bet that offers better value with Ladbrokes in terms of the bonus payout is betting on a double as Bet365 do not offer a bonus payment for this, but Ladbrokes do offer a 5% bonus on accas up to a treble.

Bets of trebles, 4-fold, 5-fold and 6-fold offer comparable bonus levels to the Bet365 offer, but as you can see, after that the offer from Bet365 is obviously a far better bookmaker for acca bets containing more selections.

A 9-fold bet for example sees Ladbrokes offer you a 30% bonus, whereas Bet365 offer a 50% bonus.

As such, I’d recommend Ladbrokes only for smaller acca bets from doubles up to 6-fold bets (depending on the odds of the games selected) and only for punters who are happier selecting solely from English and Scottish matches.

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Other bookmakers may offer acca bets or bonuses from time to time but in my view, these two bookies are the clear leaders and the Bet365 offer is the market leader by some considerable margin.

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