Where To Bet Correct Score For Best Value

So you want to know where to bet correct score for best value do you now? Well you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on this page.

Almost every bookmaker or betting exchange in the UK offer odds on correct score betting but in this article I am going to examine the two that offer the best deals to UK punters, Bet365 (and their Bore Draw Promotion) and Betfred (thanks chiefly to their Correct Score Crazy offer).

First up is the best correct score betting offer – Bore Draw.

Bet365 Bore Draw Promotion

Bet365 LogoWhen it comes to picking the correct score, you would assume that other than any differences in prices for the most common scores, there would be no real difference between bookmakers.

If bookmakers are offering very similar prices for the same scoreline, then what makes one worth betting with over another?

Well the Bet365 Bore Draw promo is one big reason to use Bet365 over anyone else.

How The Bet365 Bore Draw Promo Works

Bore Draw PromotionThe Bore Draw Money Back offer is pretty much self-explanatory. If you have a bet with Bet365 on the Correct Score market of any football game (the offer also applies to several other bets including Scorecast and Half Time/Full Time forecasts) and the game finishes in a 0-0 draw, then Bet365 will refund your stake on the game, rather than accept the bet as lost.

This may not seem a particularly exciting offer but a quick analysis of the statistics will help serious punters realise what an added bonus this is for people who want to bet more profitably on the correct score market.

Across the top European Leagues for example, including Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Spain and the Premier League amongst others, the number of goalless matches on any given weekend averages out at between 7 and 14 percent of games – so as you can see the offer certainly adds significant value.

The promotion runs on all football games at Bet365 – click here to check out the latest correct score odds.

Bore Draw Savings Example

If you’re still wondering where to bet on correct score markets then maybe this example will further help me convince you.

If you place 10 correct score bets in any given period, then there is a strong likelihood of at least one of these games being a scoreless draw and you getting your stake returned.

Average that out over the year and it makes a big difference. Lets say you place on average 2 correct score bets each weekend of Premier League action, that’s 72 bets in total. At a level stake of £10 per bet you’d wager a total of £720.

With any normal bookmaker that would cost you £720 but with Bet365, if we assume 10% of games finished 0-0 which is certainly reasonable, it would only cost you £648 making your chances of finishing the season in profit even more likely.

What Games Does Bore Draw Apply To?

What is particularly appealing about this offer is that it is applicable to any football match that Bet365 offer correct score odds on anywhere in the world, so you bet on any football match that the company offer odds on and still receive this offer depending on the result.

Click here to visit Bet365, get the latest correct score odds and bet with 0-0 insurance on every single football match!

Note: It is also worth noting that if Bet365 have secured streaming rights for this game, you will be able to watch it via their live streaming service to see if your correct score bet pays off, or if the game ends in a goalless draw and you earn a refund.

Betfred Correct Score Crazy

Betfred LogoAnother company that I feel has a decent correct score betting deal for customers is Betfred but their deal is very different to the Bet365 offer.

Correct Score Crazy PromotionIt is called Correct Score Crazy and offers punters the chance to increase their potential winnings depending upon when the final goal is scored in the game to make their correct score prediction come true.

Punters make a bet on their chosen correct score market and place their bet. What happens with this offer then is that if the match you have backed is not at the correct score you predicted before injury time starts, but a player from either team scores a goal to turn your losing bet into a winning bet in the dying throes of the game, then Betfred will double the odds you are paid out.

If you fancy a piece of this correct score betting offer then click this link to visit Betfred and open a new account (£50 free bet included!)

Correct Score Crazy Example

For example, imagine you place £10 on a match between Liverpool and Manchester United to finish at 2-1 to Liverpool, at odds of 6/1, but after 90 minutes and heading into injury time, the game is level at 1-1.

If a Liverpool player then scores a goal, or a Manchester United player puts through his own net to make the score 2-1 to Liverpool, (and that remains the final score) then you would be paid out at odds of 12/1, meaning that you would receive back £120 from Betfred (not £60), plus your original £10 stake.

Granted this offer isn’t quite as appealing as Bet365’s but it’s better than just betting without any added value whatsoever.

Click here to see the latest correct score odds at Betfred and potentially doubled you odds on all correct score bets!

In Conclusion

If you are planning to bet on the correct score market then it is worth remembering that this is at least a medium risk market so the odds of you hitting the correct score frequently are relatively small.

As such, it makes sense to ensure that the times you are successful in predicting the score of any given game that you have secured the best possible value on your wager. If you’ve read this article in any kind of detail you should now know where to bet correct score for the best value possible.

I believe that the two bookmakers listed above offer UK based punters the best chance of getting the best possible returns on any of their successful correct score bets.

In all honesty I only use Bet365 for my correct score football bets as their offer is by far and away the best available online.

- Click this link to open a Bet365 account and get cash back on all correct score bets where the game finishes 0-0!

***There’s also a double your money instantly deposit bonus available to all new customers at Bet365. Just open an account, deposit between £10 and £200 and you’ll instantly get your deposit doubled as a joining bonus – use the link above to claim!***