Where To Bet On First Goalscorer

In this article, I am going to look at where to bet on the first goalscorer of any football match. I am also going to look at a relatively new form of first goalscorer bet, an each way first goalscorer bet, which offers punters lower odds, but more chance of success.

Here’s where to bet on first goalscorer and get the best value possible:

BetFred – Double Delight / Hat Trick Heaven

Double Delight / Hat Trick HeavenIf you just want to have a straight up bet on the first goalscorer market then in my opinion there is only one bookmaker worth considering and that is Betfred, thanks to their Double Delight / Hat Trick Heaven offer.

How Does Double Delight / Hat-trick Heaven Work?

This offer is exclusive to Betfred and can hugely increase your overall payout from the bookie at absolutely no extra risk to your stake whatsoever.

Each week Betfred offer selected games that you can bet on as part of this promotion. Usually these tend to be the games shown live on television from the Premier League. You can check the latest games by clicking this link and selecting Double Delight from the sports menu on the left hand side.

When you have the selection of games available in front of you, you simply make your selection as to who you think the first goalscorer will be. If your chosen player does indeed grab the first goal then of course, your bet wins, but this is where this offer really comes into its own.

Should your chosen player then go on to grab a second goal, or complete a hat-trick in the game, then Betfred will double or treble the odds you receive back in winnings

Double Delight / Hat-Trick Heaven Example

So for example, say you back Wayne Rooney to score first for Manchester United against Manchester City at odds of 2/1 and place £50 on that outcome.

If Rooney scores the first goal, then you are guaranteed to win £100, plus your £50 stake back, if he grabs a second in the game, you’ll win £200, plus your £50 stake back and if he completes a hat trick then you will take home £300, plus your £50 stake back – and it’s all extra value completely free!

This offer not only makes it more appealing to back some of the lower odds hotshot strikers in the Premier League, but means that you increase your chances of earning more money if you win, at absolutely no risk to your own cash.

The only down side of this promotion is that, at the moment, Betfred are only offering it on selected matches each week, although over Christmas 2012, there were signs that they were expanding the offer to include more games each week.

- Click here and select Double Delight / Hat-Trick Heaven from the left hand menu to see the latest odds and games selected for this promo!

Note: If you don’t have a Betfred account yet and decide to sign up to take part in this promo there’s a £50 free bet on offer as a welcome bonus. Just use the link above to claim it.

Where To Bet First Goalscorer On Non Promo Games?

The only time I’d advise you not to use Betfred for a first goalscorer bet is if you want to back a player who is playing in a game not featured on the site and where another site offers far better odds to back that player to score the first goal.

You’ll have to use an odds comparison site to figure this out – can’t be bothered to do that? Well use BetVictor as in my experience that’s where you’ll find the best odds the majority of the time.

Each Way First Goalscorer Bets

If you want to improve your chances of earning a return on your first goalscorer bet, then one option is to head to Bet365 and take a look at their each way first goalscorer markets – the only bookie currently offering this bet.

How Each Way First Goalscorer Bets Work

E/W First Goalscorer Promo at Bet365These bets offer good value compared to first goalscorer bets or even each way bets on horse racing as your chosen player can score at any time in the game and still earn you back money at 1/3 of the price of the first goalscorer odds.

Each Way First Goalscorer Example

For example:

Imagine you backed Carlos Tevez at 6/1 with £50 to score for Manchester City against Everton and the game is currently 3-3 but Tevez is yet to score.

If Tevez then scores the seventh goal of the game, you would be paid out at odds of 2/1 meaning a return of £100 plus your £50 stake back.

The fact your player can score at any time in the game, regardless of the score, gives your bet a form of insurance meaning that even if he does not grab the first goal (to earn you a pay out at 6/1), then he can earn you a pay out at 2/1 by scoring at another point in the game.

It is a truly excellent offer and one many first goalscorer punters should take particular heed of.

The only place you can bet each way first goalscorer is Bet365 so click here to visit their site and check out the latest odds on offer.

So… Where To Bet First Goalscorer Then?

Where to bet on the first goalscorer of any football match depends on how confident you are in your selection and the prospect they have of scoring multiple times during the game.

First Goalscorer Outsiders

The first thing is to consider whether it is worth betting on the player to score first alone (and run the risk of losing the bet if somebody else grabs the first goal) or whether it is better to back them with an each way bet.

The each way portion of the bet means that if they don’t manage to score the first goal, then they still can score in the game and give you a chance of at least earning some money back. This is good when backing midfield players especially – if you’re backing outsiders then Bet365’s each way option should be considered.

- Click here to visit Bet365, claim a 100% up to £200 free deposit bonus and place each way first goalscorer bet!

Well Fancied First Goalscorers

If you’re backing an inform striker or a player you are really confident will get the first goal then Betfred is the place to back.

This is simply because if your bet wins, then you have a risk free chance to double or even treble the amount you win from the bookmaker if your player goes on to score a second or third goal. As you can imagine great for inform strikers in games against weak opposition.

- Click here to join Betfred, get a £50 free bet welcome bonus and back with their Double Delight / Hat-Trick Heaven promo!