Where To Place Scorecast Bets

I’ve written this article to help you decide where to place scorecast bets on the football online. Obviously all bookies offer scorecast odds but there’s two that stand out about the rest when it comes to the payout you’ll receive and added value in the way of a money back special.

Check out the best boomakers for Scorecast bets below:

Best Bookmaker For Scorecasts

The critical thing for successful scorecast betting is getting the best odds possible. If any other added value is available in the form of a money back special or promotion then that obviously helps as well.

Bet365 LogoThe best bookmaker for scorecast bets, in my opinion, is Bet365 – I know I harp on about them a lot but they’re one of the only bookies out there offering punters a real reason to use them over everyone else.

In addition to having very good odds for scorecast bets that compare well with others in the industry in most cases, the big attraction for punters who bet with Bet365 is that any bets made on the scorecast market qualify for their Bore Draw promotion.

Bore Draw Scorecast Promotion

Bore Draw PromotionWith the Bore Draw promo at Bet365, if you make a stated type of bet on any match with Bet365 (including scorecast bets), and the match finishes in a goalless draw, then Bet365 will refund your stake as a free bet, which you can then reuse at another time.

For example…

Say you bet £50 on Demba Ba to score first and Chelsea to beat Tottenham by a score of 3-1 with Bet365 but the game finishes goalless. Even though you technically lost the bet, Bet365 would refund your bet of £50 as a free bet, so you could reuse it on another market.

This is important because statistics show that, depending on which league you would like to bet on in Europe, on average between 7 and 14 percent of games played on a typical weekend will finish goalless.

This that if you had 50 scorecast bets a year, five of them would probably qualify for a refund on average, thus meaning the punter above saves £250 a year just by betting with Bet365.

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While the Bet365 scorecast market is good for all types of scorecast bets, you should really consider using them only if the match you are backing is likely to be a low scoring affair and you’ve predicted a 1-0 or 1-1 type scoreline.

Another Betting Site For Scorecasts

BetVictor LogoThe only other bookmaker I’d consider having a scorecast bet with other than Bet365 is BetVictor and there is one good reason for this.

When it comes to scorecast bets, because they are effectively two separate bets (a bet on the correct score and another bet on the first goalscorer) rolled into one, the odds you are given on the same outcome can vary significantly from one bookmaker to the next.

For example: if Bookmaker A offers you 6/1 on Theo Walcott to score the first goal and 3/1 on Arsenal beating Fulham 2-0, then a scorecast bet odds would likely be around 18/1.

However, if Bookmaker A offered you 5/1 on Theo Walcott to score the first goal and 3/1 on Arsenal beating Fulham 2-0, then they would only offer scorecast odds of 15/1.

So, if you place a £10 bet on with bookmaker A and the bet comes in, then you would win £180 plus your £10 stake back, whereas with bookmaker B, your winnings would be significantly less (£150, plus your £10 stake).

As such, when you do win on a scorecast, you need to ensure you get the best possible odds and this is where BetVictor are strong. Independent reviewers have found that BetVictor offer odds that are better than the average price on football markets around 70% of the time.

This means that if you are betting on a scorecast, then BetVictor are by far more likely to have better odds for your selection than any other bookmaker – but unlike Bet365 there’s no money back offer on a 0-0 result.

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NOTE: This is particularly worth considering if you are backing a scorecast that offers considerably longer odds than normal.

For example, if you back Leighton Baines of Everton to score the opener and Everton to beat Newcastle United 4-2, you may get market leading odds of 16/1 for Baines to score the opener and 20/1 on the 4-2 scoreline with BetVictor, for a scorecast of odds of 320/1.

Put £10 on this outcome with BetVictor and you stand to win £3210, yet your winnings would be considerably less with a bookmaker who offered a scorecast on the same selections at odds of 250/1 meaning the same £10 bet would only bring you a potential return of £2510.

So Where To Place Scorecasts Then?

To conclude:

If you’re backing a low scoring scorecast (1-1 or 1-0 type results) then Bet365 is hands down the best scorecast betting site because of their great odds and Bore Draw offer (money back on all 0-0’s)

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If you’re backing a game where the 0-0 is highly unlikely then use BetVictor because of their outstanding odds. You’ll get a better return on your money more often than not with BetVictor on scorecast bets.

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