Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

I’m using this page to show you what the best online horse racing betting sites are.

When you’ve spent time as a professional online gambler you can’t avoid betting on horse racing and I think I’ve got some unique insight on the best places to bet horse racing.

I’ll start like I usually do and give a run down of the best horse race betting sites. Following that I’ve covered more about what makes the best sites.

Best Horse Race Betting Sites

Bet365 – Best By A Mile

Bet365 LogoWhen it comes to the best horse racing bookmaker I never recommend any other than Bet365 – they are quite simply the best in all departments.

When it comes to promotions they’ve have Best Odds Guaranteed on all races meaning if you back any horse in any race and it wins at longer odds you’ll get paid out at the bigger price. They’ve also got a guarantee that they’ll beat the webs top 6 horse racing betting site odds in all channel 4 televised races.

In addition to the above they’ve got a Racing Value promotion which means that if your horse crosses the winning post first but gets disqualified you’ll still get paid out as if it won. And if you back a winner in any of their feature races at 4/1 or greater you’ll get free bet on the next feature race to the same value as your winning stake.

Plus at Bet365 if you bet just 50p on any horse race you watch it live for free via their live streaming service (UK and Irish races only).

Finally there’s a 100% deposit bonus up to £200 which is credited instantly upon your first deposit. Basically you double your first deposit amount INSTANTLY up to a max of £200.

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Note: I won’t suggest another horse racing betting site here as Bet365 is head and shoulders the best option. Check out the other pages in this section if you want to try a different horse racing bookmakers.

What To Look For In Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse Racing at Bet365Every single betting site out there has an online horse racing betting section. What really sets one horse racing betting site apart from another are the promotions they have on offer and the quality of odds that are spread. I’ve taken these two factors into account most when coming up with my list of the best online horse racing betting sites above.

Other factors I’ve considered are live streaming, the bonus deal offered to new players and the amount you can bet per selection.

It really is all about finding an edge when it comes to betting on horse racing and it’s widely considered to be one of the best sports to bet profitably. If you can identify horses that are over priced on a regular basis then you’re golden, obviously though it’s not that easy and it’s massively important that you secure yourself the best possible odds on each bet you make.

Plus if you can exploit certain racing promotions at the same time then you’re giving yourself an even better chance at consistent profit.

Why Do Odds Matter So much At Horse Racing Betting Sites?

Odds matter when betting on all sports but horse racing is historically one of the toughest sports to price correctly from a bookies perspective.

What does this mean?

It means opportunity. If you can identify where they’ve got their pricing wrong and exploit it then you will make money in the long term.

Let’s say the true odds of a horse winning any race are 4/1. This means that the horse will win the race 1 in every 4 times it runs or 25% of the time. If you back this horse at 3/1 then you’re losing money and fast but if you can back the horse at anything more than 4/1 then you’ve made a profitable wager.

Three online horse racing betting sites might have the above horse priced at between 3/1 and 4/1 but the fourth you check might be currently offering better odds than 4/1. If you didn’t shop around you’d have made a negative expectation bet. Just by looking around and finding better odds you’ve turned your bet into a profitable one.

That’s why odds are so important when it comes to making money betting on horse racing.

Racing Promotions That Help You Best The Bookmakers

In short the answer to the question above is; because they can get you better odds.

For example:

Bet365 are running a price promise right now which covers all horse racing televised on the BBC or Channel 4. They are promising that they will offer better odds than Will Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, Totesport, Paddy Power and Boylesports on all BBC and Channel 4 live races.

You can use the above promotion to not only ensure that you’re getting the best odds possible but to give you the best chance of making a positive expectation wager.

Another example:

Bet365 also run as best odds guarantee on all the races they cover. This promotion means that if you back a horse before the race starts and it goes off at longer odds but still wins the race you’ll get paid out at the bigger price.

The great thing about this offer is that if the horse you’ve backed falls in odds you’ll still get the higher price you backed at to start with. Basically you are guaranteed to get the best odds possible – and you should already know how important that is!

If its horse racing promotions you are interested in then I strongly suggest you check out what’s available at Bet365. Of all the horse racing bookmakers they’ve got the most and best promotions running.

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