Bookmakers Who Pay Out On Disqualifications

In this article entitled ‘bookmakers who pay out on disqualifications’ I’m going to show you exactly where you can bet on horse racing and if your horse gets disqualified you’ll still get paid.

Long-standing punters will have likely experienced one of the biggest disappointments in horse racing at some time in their betting lives. That crashing blow when you watch as your selected horse charges through the field to claim the win and seemingly a nice little earner from the bookies, only for the horse to then be disqualified following the race.

Bet365 are the only bookmaker that pay out on a “first past the post” system, regardless of whether the first horse home is disqualified or not.

Payouts On Disqualified Horses

Bet365 LogoWith the Bet365 ‘Pay Out on Disqualified Horses’ promotion, there is no need to wait for a stewards inquiry to determine if your bets a winner or not. Bet365 pay out on any race where a horse has been disqualified on both the disqualified horse and the official winner.

This means you can watch a race on Bet365, perhaps using their Live Streaming service if you don’t have access to a television set or are watching via your smartphone or computer. If your horse is the first to past the post, then you know you are a winner and that no subsequent Stewards Enquiry will strip you of your winnings.

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For the vast majority of horse races, the first horse home is the winner of the race and lucky punters who have backed the horse can go back to their bookies to collect their winnings.

Occasionally though, there may be an incident in the race involving the winning horse that means a Stewards Enquiry is called following the race.

At these inquiries, stewards have the power to strip a horse of victory and declare a different horse the winner (usually the 2nd place horse, unless they too are disqualified). As such, when a race is completed and a Stewards Inquiry is called – most bookmakers will hold off on paying out customers until the result has been officially confirmed.

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Bet365 Pay Out on Disqualified Horses Terms & Conditions

One of the most appealing aspects of this Bet365 offer is not just that no other bookmaker is currently offering it, but also that the offer is applicable to more than just single bets.

Not only do single bets to win qualify for this offer, but also each way bets and even antepost bets are also covered.

This offers punters great flexibility when they bet, meaning they can still make a bet well before a race is run in the antepost market, or on the day to win or as an each way selection and still know that if the worst should happen and their winning horse is disqualified by the stewards, then they will still receive a full pay out.

PLUS Best Odds Guaranteed & Channel 4/1 Promos

Racing Value at Bet365Perhaps even more surprising is that the Pay Out on Disqualified Horses promotion can be used with any other of Bet365’s fabulous horse racing promotions.

So for example, if you back a horse to win at 10/1 in the early betting and its starting price has drifted to 12/1, the horse wins the race, but is subsequently disqualified, then you’d not only still win, but you would win at the better price of 12/1.

In addition, if you put £50 a horse at 6/1 on a race shown live on Channel 4, and its starting price drifts to 8/1, the horse wins the race but is disqualified, not only do you receive your winnings at the best price odds of 8/1 (meaning a £100 difference) but you also qualify for a free £50 bet on the very next race courtesy of the Bet365 Channel 4/1 offer.

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Which Races Can You Get Paid On Disqulified Horses?

It is worth noting that although Bet365 offer market prices for a variety of races each day from all over the world, this particular offer regarding disqualified horses is only applicable on races that take place in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Other Bet365 Horse Racing Promotions

Bet365 certainly offers punters an excellent all-round choice for horse racing betting that extends beyond paying out on disqualified horses and subsequently declared winners and the promotions mentioned previously.

They also offer a wide variety of other offers and promotions to ensure that punters get the best deal, including exclusive Showcast bets, Enhanced Place Terms on selected races and Bet365 have also done away with 5p rule four deductions when a horse is withdrawn at odds of between 10/1 and 14/1.

So to answer the original question, yes it is possible to have a bet and still be paid out even if your horse is disqualified, you just need to carefully select where you bet and currently your best and only option in the UK is with Bet365!

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