Best Early Prices & Promotions (EPs)

Early Prices Horse RacingIn this article I’m covering the best early bird prices available online. It took me a good few hours to come up with the information below but I believe that it should help plenty of you guys who are forced to take early bird prices.

I’ve also included some information about the best early bird price promotions available with online bookmakers.

Note: Bookmakers are notoriously coy about this information and finding details on their website about where to access Early Bird prices can be difficult. As such, in order to research this article, I contacted the Live Support desk of several bookmakers to find out the information and outlined below are my findings and the best bookmakers for early prices.

Where To Get Best Early Bird Prices?

Bet365 LogoBet365 is the best bookies for EPs and unlike many other bookmakers, how they go about organising their early prices is easy to ascertain and follow.

I found their customer support team extremely helpful and knowledgeable in providing me with the information and the way that it is organised certainly helps you plan ahead to make sure you can get the best prices for a market as soon as they hit the site.

Here’s when Horse Racing EPs become available at Bet365:

Feature Race EPs – which includes Classics and other major races across the UK around the year, the Early Bird prices go live from 5pm on the night before the race.

So, if you want to get the Early Bird price on the forthcoming Grand National (which is run on a Saturday) then the Early Bird prices will be up on site and available from 5pm on the preceding Friday.

All other UK Racing EPs – If you want the early bird price on any other race in the UK, then you can head to the Bet365 website from 9.30am on the morning of the race.

International Racing EPs – If you want to get the early prices on a race being run in another country outside of the UK, then these are available from 10am on the morning of the race.

However, it may be wise to check carefully with Bet365 if you are planning to try and get an early bird price for a race in a country in a very different time zone.

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Early Bird Price Promotions at Bet365

Another reason why I ranked Bet365 as the best bookmaker for early racing prices was simply because if you take their early bird price and the price of your selection drifts, then because of their Best Odds Guarantee promotion, you are not penalised for getting your bet on early.

For example: back a horse at an early price of 3/1 and if the starting price of the horse is 5/1 and the horse wins, you’ll be paid out at 5/1 with Bet365.

In contrast, if you back a horse at 5/1 on an Early Bird price and it is backed in to 3/1 and wins, you will still be paid out at 5/1.

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It is this combination of factors that made me select Bet365 as the number one betting site for early horse racing prices:

1) Firstly, their customer support staff were knowledgeable about the early bird prices and had a clear structure which they could easily explain to me as I’ve outlined above.

2) Secondly, when you combine those factors with the Best Odds Guarantee, then it offers regular punters the best possible chance to secure great early prices, without the risk of seeing them lose money if their selection drifts in the market.

3) Lastly, Bet365 have been proven to offer great odds by many of the major odds checking services, so I am confident that if you want early bird deals, Bet365 offers the best, easiest to understand, most reliable and comprehensive deal.

Other Bookies With EPs

Here’s what happened when I contacted some other bookmakers who offer early racing prices:

Betfred EPs

Betfred LogoWhen I contacted Betfred’s live support it was clear that while they do offer early bird prices, the system that they have in place is not as rigorously structured as the Bet365 site. To show this clearly, below is an excerpt from the conversation I had with them:

Me: Do Betfred have early bird prices on Horse Racing?

Betfred: We usually do. Prices can be available from the evening before to the following morning. This may not apply to every race though.

Me: So there’s no set time that the early prices go up?

Betfred: Not really but should be 9am at the latest. If not up by 9am then 11am at the latest, it’s race dependant.

So as you can see, there is a more ad-hoc approach from Betfred, which isn’t really ideal if you only have limited time each day to check the early price markets.

Paddy Power EPs

Paddy Power LogoThe situation was very much the same when I contacted Paddy Power for information.

Me: Could you tell me if Paddy Power have early prices for horse racing?

Paddy Power: It depends on the particular race meet itself – you can see all [the] early prices in our racing section.

Me: Is there any set schedule to when the prices will appear?

Paddy Power: No I’m afraid there is no set schedule

So Betfred and Paddy Power do offer Early Bird prices but there is no clear, consistent structure to how the prices are put up on the site or specific times that they will be made available to punters, which again isn’t ideal if you have limited time to place your bets.

Other companies had even less information available; Betvictor said that they posted some Early Bird prices the night before a race on occasion, but could not offer any clearer information than that. Ladbrokes, Coral and Totesport failed to respond to the email I sent to support.

Basically if you want the best early horse racing prices and the added bonus of a best odds guarantee on all your early bets Bet365 is the bookmaker to use – click here to open an account now and claim their £200 free opening bonus!