Best Bookmakers For Virtual Horse Racing

I have to admit, I am not the biggest participator when it comes to virtual horse racing. I much prefer to use the tried and trusted methods of form, breeding, jockeys, trainers, conditions and good old fashioned luck when I back a horse.

That said, virtual horse racing, and other types of virtual sports, are growing in popularity and in my quest to bring you the best information, I’ve researched this article and come up with the best bookmakers for virtual horse racing.

BetVictor Virtual Horse Racing

BetVictor’s virtual horse racing section is located in the normal Horse Racing tab and at the bottom of all the real world meets.

Frequency & Software

Virtual Horse Racing at BetVictorRaces take place every 15 minutes across 3 different meets.

BetVictor’s approach to Virtual Racing is particularly attractive on the eye and thorough.

For each race, a full racecard is available which lists the age, weight and form for each of the virtual runners. This adds a lovely touch to the realism of the simulation (something that is lacking from the Bet365 game outlined below) and gives the player something to base their judgement on each horse other than simply stated odds and a colour.

- Click here, select ‘Horse Racing’ from the menu on the left & scroll to the bottom to check out virtual racing at BetVictor for yourself.

If you decide to join there’s a £25 free bet available to all new customers who sign up using the link above.

Betting Options

In addition to this, to keep betting interesting and at a level that is comparable with real racing, BetVictor also offer the user a chance to make a large number of different bets.

Not only can you back their virtual horse to win the race, or be placed as part of an each way bet. They can also make forecast and tricast bets on the outcome of the race and even make a bet which pits one horse in the race against another.

It is this variety of betting that makes BetVictor the best bookmakers for virtual horse racing. Their verions certainly has more long term appeal than the Bet365 version.

In having plenty of information about each of the virtual horses running, this makes the time in between races go by seemingly just as quickly as picking a horse based on odds, number or colour. The number of bets available means that punters can vary their bets to try and maximise their winnings.

- Click here to claim a £25 free bet and check out virtual horse racing at BetVictor now!

Note:It is important to note though that unless you log into the BetVictor site with your membership details then you will not be able to see the details of the virtual races run at the three tracks; which are named Chandler Park, Victoria Springs and the chirpily entitled Victory Straights.

Bet365 Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Racing at Bet365Bet365 aren’t the best bookies for virtual horse racing but they certainly aren’t far off the mark.

The fast paced nature of their games, allied to a simple betting system means that this version of virtual horse racing is ideally suited to punters who want to wager on a race, see the result and then place another wager on the next race quickly, without having a longer delay in between each race.

Schedule, Software & Betting Options

With a gap of just three minutes between each race on each of the three virtual tracks (or different distances), punters can actually bet more quickly than one bet every three minutes if they switch between tracks and make their chosen selections in the race quickly.

For each race, Bet365 provide the name of the horse, the jockey, his colours and also the odds on the horse being successful in the race.

Each race has a variety of different runners participating in the race and you can easily make your forecast or tricast bets by clicking boxes and deciding how much of your available cash you would like to stake.

The three tracks in operation are called Britannia Way, Festival Downs and Victoria Park.

The Bet365 virtual horse racing section works well if you enjoy fast-paced action and like to make your selections quickly and get the races over quickly. The graphical representations are somewhat crude but the commentary is decent if a little repetitive at times.

- Click here to check out virtual horse racing at Bet365 & claim a £200 free bonus when you join!

*Note: The best bookmakers for virtual horse racing, in my view, is BetVictor so you might want to check out their offering using the relevant link in the section above.