Online Tennis Betting Sites

Online Tennis Betting SitesIn this article I’ll cover the best online tennis betting sites and provide information about how to best go about beating internet tennis betting sites as well. Tennis, whilst not the most popular UK sport by any means has and will always be an exciting prospect for online gamblers. You can beat the bookies betting on tennis if you bet at the right betting sites and know how to exploit them.

What To Look For In Tennis Betting Sites

I’ve used over thirty different online tennis betting sites over the years so there’s probably no one better to say which the best are. In my personal opinion when it comes to tennis betting to make a profit you need a top quality live betting service.

Winning when you bet on tennis often relies on in play betting. The rankings for the best tennis sites I’ve come up with are based around which bookmakers offer the best live tennis betting services.

It doesn’t matter what the event, who’s playing or how important it is. If you utilise live tennis betting properly then you can make a profit.

#1 Recommended – Bet365

Tennis Betting at Bet365When it comes to making a bet on tennis then there is only one bookmaker that I generally consider and that is Bet365. They a good range of bets on all matches which include to win the match, first set winner, set betting (correct score), 3-way handicap, 2-way handicap and total games. Plus there’s point by point and game by game betting when markets are turned in-play.

Anyone without a Bet365 account can also claim a £200 free deposit bonus when they join. The offer basically doubles your first deposit amount up to a max of £200 and the bonus is credited instantly (3x wagering requirement to withdraw).

Two ESSENTIAL reasons to join Bet365 to bet on tennis:

- The site’s live streaming of tennis matches is simply unmatched by any other website and if you maintain a credit balance or have made a bet in the preceding hours of a tennis game, you can watch entirely for free. If there is any tennis action worth noting around the globe that you’d like to have a bet on, then generally you can watch it unfold on Bet365’s live streaming service.

- If you are a fan of betting in play then the betting console on Bet365 is certainly one of the best, if not the best available. The score updates are fast, the graphics detail where shots are landing on court and the match stats are also updated very quickly (you can toggle between live streaming and graphics as you please). This is a real bonus for any in play better as well as those with a love of statistical research before they make a bet.

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Live Betting At Tennis Betting Sites

Live tennis betting is one of the best kept secrets by online gamblers simply because there’s an over reaction to the odds at certain points during a tennis match which allow you to exploit the bookmaker.

If you can get yourself in a position where you’ve backed a player at greater odds than his or her true chance of winning the match really is then you’ve made, what in the long term will be, a profitable bet.

A Profitable Tennis Betting Example

I’ll give you an example to highlight what I’m talking about. The match is between Roger Federer ranked world number 3 and Mardy Fish currently world number 9. Before the game Federer is a big favourite to win the match.

Federer serves first and wins his opening service game, Fish then holds his serve. In the third game Federer goes 15-40 down to Fish. At this moment in time Federer is less likely to win the match because of the position he is in. As a result his odds become longer.

Now anyone who knows anything about tennis knows that Federer can a) still come back to win the game and b) lose the game but break back quickly. Why not back Federer now at longer odds. He’s still got a great chance of winning the match and as the punter you are getting a much better price.

Another Situation To Look Out For At Tennis Betting Sites

In game injuries are another great way to get one over on online tennis betting sites. If during a game you notice a player picks up an injury then this presents a great opportunity to back his or her opponent.

This might sound simple but as soon as tennis players get injured and start losing service games the pain gets worse and they usually retire. You get paid out on a bet you’d never have made pre game. The importance of live betting shines through.

Joining More Than One Online Tennis Betting Site

If you want to get really astute then why not sign up at more than one of the best online tennis betting sites listed above. When the game you’re intending to wager on begins and a profitable situation arises for you compare the odds and shift in odds at both sites. Take the better odds obviously and you’ve managed to make yourself and even more profitable wager.

Author: David – A man who’s spent far too long betting live on tennis matches and possibly one of the only people to ever crash his computer due to having too many live bookmakers open at the same time. Find out more about me here.